Arthur Gonzalez









1981       M.F.A., University of California, Davis (sculpture)

1979       M.A., California State University, Sacramento (painting)

1977       B.A., California State University, Sacramento




2013       Hunter College, Thomas Hunter Projects, New York, New York “Stump”

2012       Sacramento City College, “The Art of Rejection”

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                John Natsoulas Gallery, Davis, CA, “Read”

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2009       Harvey/Meadows Gallery, Aspen, CO, “Morning Suites”

2007       John Natsoulas Gallery, Davis, CA, “A Question of Balance”

2006       Galerie Pierre, Taichung, Taiwan, “Arthur Gonzalez, Personal Exhibition”

                John Natsoulas Gallery, Davis, CA, “Sour Grapes” works on rejection slips

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1999       Jon Elder Gallery, New York, NY, “The Cadence of Stupidity”

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1998       Scripps Annual Invitational, Scripps College, Claremont, CA, “Arthur Gonzalez”

1997       Susan Cummins Gallery, Mill Valley, CA, “Above and Below”

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1996       Cuesta College Art Gallery, San Luis Obispo, CA, “Open Books, Open Minds”

1995       John Natsoulas Gallery, Davis, CA, “Summer Subjects”

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1994       Monique Knowlton Gallery/Kent, Kent, CT, “Arthur Gonzalez”

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1991       Creative Growth Gallery, Oakland, CA, “Out of Bounds”

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1988       Natsoulas/Noveloso Gallery, Davis, CA, “Before and After Greece”

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                Sharpe Gallery, New York, NY, “Messengers & Travelers”

1987       Allrich Gallery, San Francisco, CA, “Two Weeks in Hawaii”

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1986       The Gallery, University of Vermont, Burlington, VT, “Ceramic Sculpture”

                Himovitz/Solomon Gallery, Sacramento, CA, “Highway Pi”

                Sharpe Gallery, New York, NY, “Arthur Gonzalez”

1985       Sharpe Gallery, New York, NY, “Arthur Gonzalez”

1984       University Art Gallery, University of Georgia, Athens, GA, “Arthur Gonzalez”

                Himovitz/Solomon Gallery, Sacramento, CA, “Return”

                Sharpe Gallery, New York, NY, “Arthur Gonzalez”

1983       Gallery II, Baton Rouge, LA, “Modern Art for the Serious Home”

1982       University Art Gallery, University of Georgia, Athens, GA, “Junior Artist-in-Residence”

1981       Richard Nelson Gallery, University of California, Davis, CA, “A Man & His City”

1980       The Candy Store Gallery, Folsom, CA, “The Rabbit Hunt”



2014       ArtRocks Athens Foundation, Athens, GA. "Summer Exhibition 1975-1985"

                4th Palomar College, Boehm Gallery Ceramics Biennial, "Dark Matter"

                NCECA. Tory Folliard Gallery Milwaukee, WI, "The Figure in Clay"

2013       SMAart Gallery, San Francisco, California, “Figuratively Speaking”

                Fort Wayne Museum, Fort Wayne, Indiana, “Clay Prints”

                Oliver Art Center, California College of the Arts, Oakland, “Working Title”

                Pelham Art Center, Pelham, New York, “Convergency”

                Kondos Art Gallery, Sacramento City College, “Mask”

                The Art Student League in Denver, CO., “A Revisiting Ten Years of the Visiting Artist   Series”

                Exhibits USA, Kansas City, Missouri, “Inciteful Clay”

                4thPalomar College, Boehm Gallery Ceramics Biennial, “Dark Matter”

                NCECA Conference, Tory Folliard Gallery  Milwaukee, Wisconsin, “The Figure in Clay”

2011       Northern Clay Center, “20th Anniversary”, Minneapolis, Minn.

                The Colorado University Art Museum, “The Anxiety of Influence”, Boulder

                Sonoma Community Center,  “Doceo Argilla”, Somoma, California

                Blue Line Gallery, “TB - 9”, Roseville, CA

                Arvada Center, “Arvada Center, Arvada, CO.

                Lacoste Gallery, “The Figure has Soul”, Concord, Mass.

                9th International Ceramics Competition, Special Juror’s Award, Mino, Japan    

                Sonoma Community Center, “Doceo Argilla”, Sonoma, California, (Special Juror’s Award)

                Patina Gallery,“Benefit Exhibition for Penland School of Crafts”, Santa Fe

2010       Arrowmont Main Gallery, Gatlinburg, TN, “Figurative Association: The Human Form in Clay”

                The Dairy Barn Art Center, Athens, OH, “Transcending the Figure”

2009       CCA Gallery, California College of the Arts, Oakland, CA, “Book/Text”

                San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, San Jose, CA, “It’s Not Me, It’s You”

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2008       Standard Ceramic Supply Company, Carnegie, PA, “Muchachos”

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2005       Santa Fe Clay, Santa Fe, NM, “Cups, Cups, Cups”

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2001       Yoju Livingware Gallery, Kyunggido, Korea, “World Ceramic Exposition 2001 Korea”

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2011       Special Judges Award, 200,000 yen.  9th International Ceramics Competition, Mino, Japan

2007       Pilchuck Glass Studio, Seattle, WA, Artist-in-Residence

2006       Tainan National University of the Arts, Taiwan, Artist-in-Residence

2002       University of Akron, Myers School of Art, Akron, OH, Artist-in-Residence

2001       Warhol Foundation/Penland School of Crafts, Penland, NC, Artist-in-Residence Award

                Wallace Alexander Gerbode Visual Arts Award

1997,92 Virginia Groot Foundation Award  (1st and 2nd place)

1994       California Arts Council Fellowship

                National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts Residency in Southern Florida (declined)

1991       Art of California Magazine Discovery Award (Gold & Bronze Medal)

1990,86,84,82  National Endowment of the Arts Individual Artist Fellowship

1986       Skowhegan School of Art, Skowhegan, ME, Artist-in-Residence, (declined)

1985       Virginia Center for the Arts, Sweet Brier, VA,  Artist-in-Residence (declined)

1981       University of Georgia, Athens, GA, Ford Foundation Junior Artist-in-Residence



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                American Express Co., New York, NY

                Burston Marsteller Co., New York, NY

                California State University, Sacramento, CA   (2 pieces)

                Colorado University Museum, Boulder, CO (2 pieces)

                Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, CA (3 pieces)

                Daum Museum, Sedalia, MO (2 pieces)

                Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse, NY

                Honolulu Acadamy of  Arts, Honolulu, HI     

                Mexican Museum, San Francisco, CA

                Mint Museum, Charlotte, NC

                Museum of Modern Ceramic Art, Gifu (Ceramic Park Mino) Japan

                Myers School of Art, University of Akron, Ohio

                Oakland  Museum, Oakland, CA  (2 pieces)

                Prudential Insurance Co., New York, NY

                Racine Art Museum, Racine, WI

                Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ (2 pieces)

                Smithsonian Archives of American Art, Washington, DC

                The Tainan National University of the Arts, Tainan, Taiwan  (2 pieces)

                Tempe Museum, Tempe, AZ

                University of California,  Davis, CA ( 2 pieces)

                University of California Health System

                University of Iowa Museum of Art, Iowa City, IA

                Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven, CT (2 pieces)

                Yingge Ceramics Museum, Taipei, Taiwan (2 pieces)




2004       Palm Desert Art Commission, CA, “Baja Palapa” with Donna Billick

1996       Taraval Police Station,  San Francisco, CA

1991       Sacramento Mental Health Facility, Sacramento, CA

1990       Metropolitan Transit Authority, New York, NY




1991-present        Full Professor, California College of the Arts, Oakland, CA formerly CCAC(tenured)

2014                      Instructor, Haystack School of Craft, Deer Isle, Maine

2013                      Instructor, Heaven On Earth, Todos Santos, Mexico

2012                      Instructor, Sierra Nevada College, Incline Village, Nevada

                              Instructor, Arrowmont School of Crafts, Gatlinburg Tennessee

2010                      Instructor, Idyllwild Art Center, Idyllwild, CA

                              Instructor, Peter’s Valley Craft Center, Layton, NJ

2010, 08, 06, 04,

99, 97                    Instructor, Penland School of Craft, Penland, NC

2009, 07, 05, 03    Instructor, Anderson Ranch, Snowmass, CO

2006, 04, 01          Instructor, Mendocino Art Center, Mendocino, CA

2001                      Instructor, Haystack, ME

2000                      Instructor, Santa Fe Clay, Santa Fe, NM

1991-1989             Instructor, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA

1988                      Instructor, University of California, Berkeley, CA

1985                      Instructor, University of California, Davis, CA

                              Instructor, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI

1984                      Instructor, The New School for Social Research, New York, NY

1984, 1981            Instructor, Artist-in-Residence, University of Georgia, Athens, GA

1983                      Artist in Residence, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA

1982                      Instructor, University of Georgia Studies Abroad Program, Cortona, Italy                           





2013                       University of Alaska,  Fairbanks

                                Marin County Fair, Marin, CA, (Juror)

                                Heritage University, Toppenish, WA.

2011                       West Michigan University, Kalamazoo, Michigan

                                New York Academy, New York, NY. 

                                Sonoma Community Center, Sonoma, CA.

                                San Jose State University, San Jose, CA.

                                NCECA Biennial, Tampa, Fla. (Juror)

                                Fort Hays State University, Hays, Kansas

2010                       Baltimore Clayworks,  “Body and Soul”, Baltimore, Maryland (Juror)

                                Marin County Fair, Marin, CA (Juror)

                                Delta College, Stockton, CA (Juror)*

                                University of Georgia, Athens, GA

                                Art Students League of Denver, CO

                                Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, The Figure in Clay Symposium, Gatlinburg, 2009                
                               Mudfire Clayworks & Gallery, Decatur, GA

                                Saddleback College, San Clemente, CA

                                University of California, Davis, CA

2008                       Richmond Art Center, Richmond, CA

                                The Firehouse Collective, The Firehouse Ceramics Symposium, Oakland, CA

                                Indiana University, Bloomington, IN

                                Mama’s Royal Cafe, (Juror), Oakland, CA

                                Sierra Nevada College, Incline Village, NV

2007                       Chabot College, Hayward, CA

                                La Grange College,  LaGrange, GA

                                University of Georgia, Athens, GA

                                Southern Illinois State University, Carbondale, IL

                                Davis High School, Davis, CA

2006                       College of Marin, CA

                                University of Southern California, Roski School of Fine Arts, Los Angeles, CA

                                Taipei County Yingko Ceramics Museum, Taipei, Taiwan

                                Tainan National University of the Arts, Tainan, Taiwan

                                University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE

                                University of Hawaii, Oahu, HI

                                Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA

                                University of Tulsa, Tulsa, OK

2005                       CCACA Conference, Davis, CA

                                University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

2004                       University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS

2003                       San Jose State University, CA

                                Trax Gallery, Berkeley, CA

                                Arts Benicia, “Terra Forma” (Juror) Benicia, CA

                                University of St. Louis, St. Louis, MO                           

                                St. Louis Community College, St. Louis, MO

2002                       Richmond Art Center (Juror), Richmond, CA

                                University of Miami, Miami, FL

                                Clay Space on Puget Sound, Suquamish, WA

                                University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, IA

2001                       Yuma Symposium 22, Yuma, AZ

                                Asheville Art Museum, Asheville, NC

2000                       Taking the Leap, Emeryville, CA

                                Society of Sculptors, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, (Juror) Pittsburgh, PA

                                38th Annual Regional Juried Art Show, (Juror) Fairfield, CA

                                Georgia College and State University, Milledgeville, GA

                                Delta College, Stockton, CA

1999                       Portland Community College, Portland, OR

                                “Taking a Leap” professional practice program, Emeryville, CA

                                “Revolutions of the Wheel,” Host  to film debut, Oakland Museum, CA

                                NCECA, Juror for the Regional Student Exhibition, New Orleans, LA

                                NCECA, “Transmitting the Subconscious” panel discussion, New Orleans, LA

1998                       Winona State University, Bloomington, MThe School of the Art Institute of Chicago

                                53rd Marin County Fair, (Juror) Marin, CA

                                Scripps College, Claremont, CA

                                American Craft Museum Collector’s Circle, New York, NY

                                California State University, Hayward, CA

1997                       Boise State University, Boise, ID

                                University of Texas, Austin, TX

                                Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, TX

                                California State University, Chico, CA

                                Northern Illinois State University, DeKalb, IL

                                Middlebury College, Middlebury, VT

1996                       University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

                                The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, graduate fellowship competition, (juror),                          Chicago, IL

                                The University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, IA                                        

1995                       Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA

                                NCECA National, Minneapolis, MN

                                Matrix Gallery, Fine Crafts at Matrix, Sacramento, CA

1992                       VPLAC Washington State University, Pullman, WA

                                Concordia Universite, Montreal, Quebec